Dory boats bob near ocean’s shore, tethered as goats grazing side by side except these are wooden hulls waiting for tomorrow’s fishing orders now silent as bats in evening’s warm breath. The sun’s last rays provide colourful shades, it’s goodnight-time for friends made today. © 2016 Richard L. Provencher

Little Tyke

I took her hand as kindness showed through my intentions, she needed love the touch of a mother’s hand laying one upon hers. I did so, and Jesus smiled. © 2016 Richard L. Provencher

Pleione star

Pleione star, brightly shine but do not burn. Hands away, the sun burns hot. Its heat you learn. Pleione, prouder be your flames in outer space. With grace you speak a life that lives on modest pace. Youngest eyes below your sparks surpass the sky. This pride I own be yours, dear star, beloved eye.Display

Grafting Eternity onto Love

Our bond, as strong as leather, loyal, as sound as a bell, if we now stick together we sure won’t go to hell. By being kind forever we’ll break whatever spell. We won’t be parting, never. Our strength, no one could tell. If we just stick together, our hearts warm cell by cell. In servingDisplay

This time your present

Today on your birthday, I’ve a wristwatch for your present. Fasten this on your left wrist, and watch the tense that’s present. Fasten this on your right, and forget all that’s past. Now you own a life-guide. Reveal how time ticks fast. You fasten tight this present, and know no present would last. You’ll knowDisplay


UNREQUITED LOVE Long lonely road to go, but I still move on The pictures are clear The fruit grows in your eyes And even when you seem not to care My heart still longs for your love How could you not have known? Even when I shed blood instead of tears How could you notDisplay


BIRTHDAY BLESSING BECOMES BITTER At a dew point, it drizzles down deep on my roof. Gradually thunder strikes and lightning flashes in my hood Then the barmy rain comes along and shouts of joy is on a loop Mother is no exception, yes! Her voice roars like that of a lion So long and loud,Display

When I first met your mother

My little son, my little girl, when I first met your mother, she sat in her work room. There came no sound of other men wanting her to bloom. When I first met your mother love wasn’t there at first. It took my heart another two months, in tears I’d burst. Too shy I turnedDisplay


Life is a race, Up to a base, When you face, Suppose you do not say, You will go up to the lays, And there will be a great space, Then you will chase, For so many days, Then you will soon win the life`s base, After getting happiness you will walk through hays, YouDisplay


Farm is green and green, It changes the minds of teen, Farming stops the hungryness, And give us a plenty of fulfilness. Evaluate the seeds by soughing in soil, With a great patience and toil, Harvest paddy with your lovely daddy, Cook it with your lovely mummy. -Niteesh S R

Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures A stroll in the park A few leaves fall Gentle wind blows Trees, sixty feet tall. Lounge on a river bank A worm and a hook A peaceful moment Curled up with a book. Visit an old friend It’s been a while Be spontaneous Go the extra mile. Give a stranger directions You’veDisplay

Morning Blessing

Morning Blessing May your guardian angel protect and guide you all thru the day, and prevent any harm to ever come your way, This is the blessing I give to my loved one just before You kiss me goodbye and walk out the door. Elizabeth Figueroa

Meant to be

Meant to be Not being sure if I could do it scared me so much. Not knowing if you would love me frightened me. Not even sure if it was really happening gave me nightmares. Not feeling you inside me was so scary. I was so young and so immature but yet so old toDisplay

Knock, Knock, Knock

Knock, Knock, Knock Knock, knock, knock, Guess what? I am here! Your guardian angel You have nothing to fear. I came straight from heaven from God’s bright light to protect you and your family all through the night. So good night and remember that I am here to stay, right next to your bed, afterDisplay


Seasons The gentle egg’s shell breaks open, The chick inside is free, The daffodils lie bright and sunny, Dainty as can be. The boiling sun shines down strongly, The butterflies flit by, The green grasshoppers chirrup loudly, White clouds drift by in a summer sky. The crispy leaf floats to the ground, Golds and rustenDisplay

My Face

MY FACE I draw two eyes with my sharp pencil. They can see through the window. Even help me count fingers and toes. “TEN!” They watch you all day. Next I draw a rose that smells a fluffy rose. Here comes my dog with wet fur. “PHEW!” Your baking from the kitchen curls like chimney smoke.Display

Girl’s Best Friend

Girl’s Best Friend Two weeks early, A lifetime of waiting, A puppy to hold, A friendship worth creating. Arrived in a box, Scared but far from alone, She nibbles at my socks, Not something I condone. She shall be named Hershey, And she shall be mine, As the newest member of the family, She’ll doDisplay

The Gift of Love

The Gift of Love It’s hard to believe when people don’t see Who is the maker above. It’s clear to me and will always be That He is the sign of love. It’s hard to believe the stars in the sky Are as beautiful as they are. Stop and try to reach as high OrDisplay

From Mother to Daughter

From Mother to Daughter Since the first time I met you, I knew I was in love, You are my blessing from God above. You made me smile through all the pain, My health and my love, you helped me to gain. I look at you now through and through, I don’t know what myDisplay

From Father to Son

FROM FATHER TO SON I remember the day when you were born, Outside was cold, but I felt warm. I remember when I touched you and you began to cry, I was sort of frightened and I don’t know why. Your eyes were teary, but yet so cute, You were so tiny, I didn’t knowDisplay

Comment on Life

Comment on Life Life: you know it takes all kinds of folks Nice, mean, handsome with hopes. Fools like me who some call blundering Curious ones who can’t stop wondering. Where we are now and where will we be Ten years from now—in chains or set free? Will we stop traffic to save a smallDisplay


CHANGE Change can be good and change can be bad, Change can be happy and change can be sad, Change can be difficult to understand, Why a friend has to move or why good things are banned, Why loved ones are lost by a youth’s bad decision, Or why his poor soul just can’t beDisplay

Before You Were Born

Before you were born Before you were born…How could I see? That God would send a beautiful baby to me. I guess He knew that right from the start, that your life here with me would have opened my heart. I have to admit the day that you first walked My throat didn’t hurt, IDisplay

Angels at Playtime Morning

Angels at Playtime Morning The angels jump and play all day long, They even have their favorite songs. The angels are joyful all through the day, Cause at night they know its time out for play. So they settle down with one another, Sister to Sister and Brother to Brother. All of a sudden theyDisplay

The Park

The Park Sitting on a bench, watching the world pass by, Bees buzz and eagles fly, This park is a special park, the one I call my own, My place of solace, my quiet home, All sorts of characters can be found here, Those who are strangers and those I hold dear, The park isDisplay

Jesus My Friend

JESUS MY FRIEND I have a Friend, a Friend, so very Dear, Jesus, you always wipe away my tears, In life you teach me to walk the right pathways, In trials Jesus never let me go astray. Jesus, You’re so Loving, You’re so Kind, A True Friend like You, is not hard to find, I’llDisplay

Going Home

GOING HOME I see chickens that cluck, and a waddling duck and growing in the garden there would still be corn to shuck. I hope it’s warm in heaven so my feet aren’t always cold, and I’d like to bring my toys with me even though I’m very old. I want to bring my favoriteDisplay


LULLABY Now that the sun has gone down in the west And the last light is fading in darkening blue; The only sound left in the whole world to hear, Is the sound of the river hushing down to the sea. The games have been finished a long time ago The toys are packed upDisplay

Some None at All

Some None At All One bike to ride on Two baby dolls Most children have these Some, none at all. Three meals daily Four friends to call Most children have these Some, none at all. Five hugs a day Daddies six feet tall Most children have these Some, none at all. Seven books to readDisplay


Princesses   Once upon a time there were three beautiful princesses there names were Kimmy, Katie, and Kristen. Kimmy was 3, Katie was 5, and Kristen was 8. They all lived in a manor. With butlers, maids, cooks, and lots of people. But the princesses did not treat them like slaves they treated them withDisplay

Henry the Unicorn

Once upon a time in the land of ‘There Wasn’t Any’ Lived a handsome young unicorn by the name of Henry. Henry had one problem so forlorn, On the top of his head was a wig not a horn. “Oh me oh me oh my–I’m so forlorn, On the top of my head is aDisplay

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