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Katherine, Author at Bedtime Bedtime

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I am a new author, and I hope to bring smiles to kids who love to read just like me.
I don't have much experience as an author, and I am young for a writer, and so for these reasons I
am viewed quite unable to write down even a single chapter of a book. I have very much read
so many books with literary I do not know, and because of those words, I have learned the
importance to writing the perfect book. It needs language, literature, and passion in it. It
needs to teach young people like me the importance of a book. Sometimes, you could come
across one whose author had written it just for the making of a quick buck. Real authors
have passion in writing, and they keep on writing, no matter what kind of crude nagging they get.
I have read a history book, whose author has said, and I quote, " When I began writing
A History of US, it was supposed to be one book. To my surprise, I ended
up with ten books." This just goes to show that if you have passion for something, you can
keep on going and not realise how much you've written!

Thank you for having the kindred spirit to go through this little speech
of mine. I very much do hope that you like my writing, because I have such
passion for it that I cannot explain.
When i write, i feel a surge of hope and
happiness bursting through my veins, and I feel ready to write anything.

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