Mohsen H. Darabi

Mohsen Hamedpour-Darabi, (b. 1990), is the author of an International Relations poem “Sara’s Sierra Caesura” published in English: Journal of the English Association. Outside that context, however, he suggests that children’s daily interactions with each other at school is a microcosm of International Relations on the world stage. Children interacting intelligently and vigilantly with each other at school can be likened metaphorically to a theater of embryonic politicians. Children do not realize this until they grow into adults and reflect on their childhood memories. Despite this strong metaphor, Hamedpour-Darabi remains irresolute about whether instilling the simplified basics of International Relations’ phenomena through short stories in children can or cannot be a good thing to do, questioning the extent and level of this instilling, the necessary conditions and preconditions that parents should consider before thinking about reading such stories to their children. To be on the safe side, however, he wrote “Pride Revisited” (on Bedtime) to express the thought that if childhood memories are to contain trace elements of International Relations, stories are advised to be written in ways that would ultimately make a child’s halcyon days happier and not bewildered or scary.

Stories by Mohsen H. Darabi

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