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Born in 1945, Darrell grew up on his family's farm. He spent his summers reading,wandering in the surrounding woods, fishing in the neighbor's pond and learning to love nature.
In high school, he perfected the art of hiding a novel behind a textbook.While the rest of the class labored over equations Darrell sailed the seven seas,followed a snowy trail in the Yukon, climbed the Rockies, swam the Amazon and fought wars in foreign lands. In books he discovered worlds far beyond the hot,boring classroom.
At age 49 Darrell put pencil to paper and began recording the stories rumbling around in his head. His first book sold a grand total of six copies.Not one to give up, he went back to the drawing board. He has since graduated toward processing, yet he still makes the same mistakes. It's just easier to correct them.
Through trial and error and more error Darrell learned to write.

Darrell Case

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