D. W. Smith

D.W. Smith was born and raised in the mountains of Montana. He says he "grew up in paradise," and you get a feel for that outdoor paradise in some of his stories. When asked what inspired him to write stories for children he said, "Each night when I tuck my little girls into bed they say "Daddy, tell us a story!". And sometimes I do. Sometimes they will say, "Daddy, tell us that one story again!". And sometimes I do if I can remember it. It turns out they have sharper memories than me, so after a few times of trying to remember how a particular story went, I decided to write them down." Don has tested each story with his children, their friends, and his numerous nieces and nephews. They appeal to both boys and girls, and some adults enjoy them, too. Currently, he lives near Seattle, Washington with his wonderful wife and their two darling daughters. You can find all of his stories at his website: dwsmithbooks.com.

Stories by D. W. Smith

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