Brigitte Pace

There is nothing more rewarding to me than writing rhyming stories that make sense to the reader. As a child, I loved the sound of rhyming words. I would rhyme any word that popped into my head with as many words as I could. When I was in my late twenties and thirties, I began rhyming very short poems which I wrote as stories. I realized that it wasn't easy but that it was a challenge. Personally, I love a good challenge. Be it Scrabble or any word game, I do not give up until I am happy that I have achieved my very best. My first rhyming story was "Antics with Lady" my basset hound. She had to be the funniest, cutest puppy I have ever had and she was a real character. She would have me in fits of laughter on a daily basis with her antics. Sadly she passed too young and too soon. I have lost a friend not just a pet. Lady will always be in my thoughts. I miss her dearly.

Stories by Brigitte Pace

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