Maggie on a Shopping Spree

Aanya Sharma

Maggie on a Shopping Spree

By: Aanya Sharma

Maggie was a little girl, she was 5- years old. One day, when she returned from school, her mother told her that there was a carnival coming up that week on Saturday. ‘What! A carnival!’, said Maggie excitedly. ‘Can we go?’ Her mother promised to take her there. She also told her that she would give Maggie some pocket money too that she could spend however she liked. ‘This is so exciting! I hope it is just as is mentioned in my favorite princess story book.’ Maggie thought. ‘I will go on a shopping spree!’, she said to herself.

It was Saturday, and the carnival was set on a big ground near their house. Maggie brought two big red bags to fill with goodies from the carnival. She sat in her big grey car with her mother, and together, they drove off to the carnival. Soon they reached the carnival ground. The parking lot was full of cars already. It took them a while to find a parking spot for their car. Maggie jumped out of the car. She was so happy and excited. As she was about to run towards the carnival, mother reminded her not to forget to take the big red bags with her.

Maggie was now walking holding her mother’s hand. The carnival was full of visitors. There were people of all ages. Kids with their parents and grandparents were running about here and there. She even saw some of her friends there who came with their parents. They waved at each other. There were so many stalls to look at. They were all so beautifully set up in rows. Some had orange- colored roofs, while others had yellow- colored roofs. The stalls had so many items on sale. Clothes, toys, shoes, bags, decorative items, eatables, and what not. Mother gave Maggie the pocket money she had promised. ‘What shall I buy?’, thought Maggie. ‘There is too much to choose from.’

Maggie stopped at a bag stall. There were beautiful purses and colorful bags in the stall. She liked a small bag with rainbow colored bubbles on it. ‘My friends will be so happy to see this bag.’ she thought. She bought it. Next she went to a shoe stall. There were small pink furry boots that she liked very much. ‘I’ll rock in these boots. They are a perfect match for my pink jacket.’ She told herself, and bought the pair of boots. Now, she saw a stall where there were so many kids. They were playing games. One kid had a bow and arrows. ‘Archery! I love archery! Let me shoot some arrows and win some prizes.’ thought Maggie, as she pulled her mother’s hand to go towards the games stall. She paid for the ticket and Maggie shot three arrows. Two of the arrows went astray, but the third one hit the bull’s eye. Maggie got a flower crown for a prize. It had beautiful pink flowers on it. Maggie put it on her head immediately and asked her mother, ‘Do I look pretty in this?’ ‘Yes, indeed princess!’, replied mother.

She went to various other stalls and bought candy, doughnuts, cookies, stationery, and more candy. She needed enough to share with her friends back home. She went on the bouncy castle and the trampoline with her friends. Both her red bags were full of shopping stuff. She kept on buying things here and there until she ran out of money.

Suddenly, a toy soldier came crawling towards Maggie. She got scared at first, but then the soldier stopped crawling and started shooting everywhere with his gun. Maggie loved the toy. She had never seen such a toy before. She definitely wanted this toy for herself. She looked in her mini-purse, and saw there was one currency note left. ‘Would this be enough?’, she thought to herself. She went to the toy-seller and presented him with the note, while pointing towards the toy soldier. ‘Sorry kid! That one costs more.’, the toy-seller said. Maggie was sad that she couldn’t have the toy. Small tears ran down her pink cheeks. She held her mother’s hand again and told her she wanted to go back home. She didn’t want to be in the carnival anymore; she was tired, and sad. She sat in their grey car. Mother placed the shopping bags in the car’s boot. When mother came in front to sit with Maggie, she handed her a packet. ‘What’s this?’, Maggie asked with curiosity. ‘Why don’t you see it for yourself!’, said mother.

Maggie opened the packet slowly. And out sprung the toy soldier from the carnival! ‘You got this for me? Thank you Mama, thank you, thank you, thank you!’ Maggie shouted in joy. She was not sad anymore. She was very happy that she got to do so much at the carnival, and mother bought her favorite toy soldier. ‘This is the best day ever’, she thought, as she played with the toy soldier and drove back home.


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