Warren Green

Warren Green Warren is alive and well, living in the Northwest of England. He studied design at Salford University and graduated in 1999. He had no idea he could write until later on in life, when he began to write fiction for both adults and children. He is also an artist who sees writing as an equally and rewarding creative outlet – which can sometimes leave his mind racing when an idea for a story suddenly materialises. He has entered numerous writing competitions over the years including the Bridport Prize. In 2017, one of Warren’s short stories was included and published as part of an anthology. Warren has plenty more short story projects in progress and is currently working on a dark fictional novel. The idea for his story included in this anthology came about when Warren was driving home one day. He noticed four identically dressed quadruplets wearing red coats, waiting at a bus stop with their parents. The vivid image stuck in his mind and he knew there was a story waiting to spring out… Warren greatly admires the work of Roald Dahl, J.K. Rowling and Stephen King.

Stories by Warren Green

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