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The Ocean

The sea is crystal clear.
Above, the moonlit sky.
With a twinkle in my eye, I swirl around my home. This place is me and I know all its features. Its map is planted on my hand.
I am creature of the ocean and never once have I been bored. The world I live in is magical, wonderful and enchanting. It is real, yet secret and all that I know.

Colours, textures and sounds surround me. My family are crabs and starfish. The coral is their home. Scenes here are an ever changing rainbow. There is clear blue water, flickering with green and purple tones. Sunlight creeps through the sparkling layers of water through to the majestic sea bed, glistening with light.

We dance amidst the silent music of the ocean. I see such unique colours and shapes. There is violet, turquoise and orange coral. Still others are yellow and pink. I know their movements, fluid and light. Each whisper has a meaning as does every sweep of a spidery like arm.

Others are grouped together in clusters in a round bubble. Starfish and goldfish live here too, and my friend the tortoise – like creature, always wrapped up in his puffy little shell.

The colours of the coral blend with the tropical fish. I hear my friends calling me as I float over them. They know me and they feel my presence.

There is no noise, just singing. Peace is all around. With the rising and setting of the sun the world around me glows in ever changing colours.

At midday when the sun is at its highest everything is illuminated just like a fairy tale. Though unaffected by temperature we do bask in the warmth of the translucent water at this time.

Sometimes I notice my reflection through mirrors. I see that I am a different creature from those next to me. But I know them all so well that in my mind no one is the same. Moonlight enchants me most of all. I love its mystery.

As I look above I realise I live in the imaginations of others yet I feel myself to be so alive. Like them I see images, more beautiful than those which can be described.

My world feels so big and yet so small! Those above cannot see beneath the surface and will never know that we feel shadows and ripples as vibrations on the fragile surface of our sunlit castle. If they stopped and listened, they could peer in through the windows and – just maybe – glimpse the magic.

It lives within me and yet I cannot be seen.
Although I am a mermaid, I am invisible.

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