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At early morn when the birds are hubbubing
they settled early contemplating on coming up a hut
the watchers watch with no idea, so couldn't come out an idea
the builders builds without calmness and good foundation all in roughful manner and it collapsed
And at dew point, they huddle in disguise
It happened that i was asleep but was been wakenup by the huffing of the people aroundi waked up, brushed, relax and was about to eat…
it all happened that a man of valour is always identified in times of emergency
Then i was called upon to bring up idea starting up a hut
I in solitary sat and captured the image of the huts my dad and i used to built when he was hearty and lively and so i dozzed off.
and at the site, i requested for a digger, for i knew and believed that only a digger will dig and comeout good average of a hut foundation
I dug for some minutes and it was perfectly OKAY.
I further on rounding up the bricks and chocking the clay
and behold, the formation of the hut was formed
and gradually, i come out a round hut in hours
and at last! All were excited and in happy mood, it ends as a comedy
©2017 by: Alaghde kelvin terngu

Copyright 2017 LLC