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The fairies

Once upon a time there were two kid’s named Tony and Jenna. They both were siblings. Tony was 7 and Jenna was 9. Their best friend Poppy was coming to visit them. Tony and Jenna were very excited! So, they both decided to decorate their rooms for Poppy.

It was 3:00 p.m and Poppy was going to come now. Tony and Jenna were very excited to meet her after very long. ding dong, ding dong went the bell. Tony and Jenna rushed to see who it was. They saw Poppy waiting outside the door. “Hi Poppy!!” said Tony and Jenna. “Hi!! I’m so happy to meet you two after so long!!” said Poppy happily. “Come on inside.” said Jenna. Poppy stepped inside.

Right when Poppy entered the house, she noticed something very strange. She ran up to Tony’s room. She looked out the window and saw many small creatures flying in Jenna’s Bird box. “Look! Both of you look! Can you see the bird box and some small creatures flying over it?” asked Poppy. “What is that? Let’s go explore it! What do you both say?” asked Tony. “Sure, let’s go!” said Jenna.

They all walked up to Jenna’s bird box. They could not believe what they just saw! There were so many fairies doing different things in their own tiny houses. “Hi kind fairies.” Said Poppy politely. “Hi strangers. We are the Bird Fairies. Who are you?” asked one of the fairies.  “Oh! Hi bird fairies. My name is Tony, this is my friend Poppy and this is my sister Jenna.” Said Tony. “Hi Tony, Poppy and Jenna. May I know why you are here?” said one of the fairy. “We were looking out the window and saw you flying above Jenna’s bird box. So we thought why not we explore.” Said Poppy.

“Welcome! Do you want to explore our town?” said one of the fairies. “Sure!” said Poppy. They entered the bird box and saw so many small houses. “This is the mushroom land” said one fairy with a small mushroom on her head. “We all have small houses, as you can see, they look like mushrooms.” Said the same fairy who has a mushroom on her head. “This looks like an amazing place to live in! I wish I were one of you.” Said Tony. “I’m sorry we can’t make you all us but we can show you inside the houses!” said one of the fairy. “Yes! Sure! We would love to!” said Jenna.

“This is my house” said the fairy with a mushroom on her head. The house was shaped just like a mushroom. They all entered the house and saw that it was so big from inside! “This is huge!!” said Tony. “I bake in this house. I love to bake. Would you like to try some of my cupcakes?” asked the fairy. “Yes, we would love to!” said Poppy with her mouth-watering. The fairy with a mushroom on her head gave all of them 1 cupcake. “Its so delicious!! I love it!!” Said Poppy. “This is so good! Please tell me your recipe!!” said Jenna. “This cupcake is perfect!!” said Tony. “Thank you!” said the fairy. Then they stepped out of the fairy with a mushroom on head’s house. Then they stepped into another fairy’s house. She has a small perfume bottle in her hand. “Hello there! I make perfumes!” she said. “Oh, hi there.” Said Tony. “Why are you all here?” asked the fairy politely. “We are just exploring all the houses here.” Said Poppy. “Oh, I see. You can check out all the things I have made and test them.” Said the fairy. “Sure!” said all of them. The fairy gave them all a perfume. They all tried it. “This smells so good.” Said Jenna. “I really like this! Can I have one?” asked Tony. “Yes, sure you can! This is your lucky day because I made three perfumes today! And you all take one.” Said the fairy. “Yay! Thank you so much kind fairy!” said Poppy with a big smile.

It was now time to go back home. They all were very sad but happy because the met fairies. “Bye bye! Hope you all come back. It was great having you here!” said the fairy with a mushroom on her head. “Oh, and also this is for you. You can take these cupcakes and divide them equally for each of you.” Said the fairy. “Thank you so much! Next time Poppy comes over we will surely come to visit you! Thanks for cupcakes again!” said Jenna. “Bye!!” said Poppy. “Byeee!” said Tony. They all left the bird house. All of them went back to the house and Poppy’s parents had come to pick Poppy up. “Bye Poppy!” said Tony and Jenna. “Don’t tell anyone about the fairies.” Whispered Tony to Jenna and Poppy. “Yes, I promise I won’t” said Poppy and waved goodbye. It was a very fun day! All of them enjoyed it a lot! All the time Poppy came over they visited the Bird Fairies.

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