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The Crocodile

There was once a baby crocodile. He had a beautiful shiny tail and all the other crocodiles were horrible to him because they were jealous of him.

One day the little baby crocodile counted all his beautiful shiny scales and there were a thousand. A lot more than he thought. So he counted all the other crocodiles and there were twenty and that was including the grown up crocodiles. He decided that he had many scales and could spare forty from his tummy so he wished for forty of his scales to be on his pillow by morning, but there weren’t any. Even three weeks later there weren’t any.

Then one day a magic crocodile granted him a wish. He wished for forty of his scales to be on his pillow when he woke up in the morning.

He woke up and there were forty beautiful shiny scales on his pillow. So he gave all twenty crocodiles, including his parents two scales each.

From then on everybody was kind to the little baby crocodile who had given away forty of his beautiful shiny scales.

©2001 Steph Skellorn

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