Marvin the Curious Mouse

Christy Ann Robinson

Marvin was a little white mouse about two years old. He was one of a litter of 29 other mice. His mom was always worried that he was going to get hurt. He was so curious about the world "Curiosity killed the cat," she warned. Marvin never really listened to his mother's warnings. The world was just too big to be ignored.

Marvin lived in a small hole in a wall of a house. The owners of the house just moved out and new humans moved in. The little mouse ran around curiously. He never saw so many wonderful new things. The old humans that lived here didn't own so much stuff.

There were so many treasure to explore. Where to start, Marvin didn't know. Then he saw it! He neve saw anything like it before. What was it?

It was big and black and round. It had three holes on the top. Marvin the little mouse wanted to explore more. "What was it used for? he thought to himself. He crept closer. He crawled to the top of the strange object.

Then something horrible happened to poor Marvin. He fell into one of those big holes.

It was so dark and scary. Poor Marvin did not know what to do. He tried to come out but the inside was so slippery he couldn't climb out.

It wasn't until a human picked up the object that Marvin found a way to escape. You see who ever picked it up made the holes face the floor and Marvin slid right out.

"That was neat," thought Marvin after he got over being afraid. He thought it was so neat he decided to do more exploring.

The next thing Marvin found was weird looking. It was big, really big and odd shaped too. Marvin remembered the shape of a human foot. It kind of looked like that, but Marvin knew that humans couldnt' take their feet off. So what was it?

Marvin crawled inside, it was wet and smelly. Marvin didn't want to stay very long inside of it. Marvin tried to get out as fast as he could. There was one problem though. A human was near the thing he was in. The human screamed when she saw Marvin. Marvin hated when humans did that, it hurt his ears.

Marvin knew that the scream would cause the other humans to bring the CAT! Marvin knew that meant he had to run. That is exactly what Marvin did, he ran. Poor little Marvin ran as fast as his little feet could take him.

"Whew," he thought once he was in a safe place. "That was a close one." Marvin made a silent promise to avoid humans at all cost. He also needed to avoid the CAT. Marvin wasn't stupid, for a mouse cats meant bad news.

Well, that was over. Time for Marvin to explore more. So Marvin slowly crawled out of his hiding spot and found something he new well. It was cheese and it was sitting on a wood thing. "The humans must have dropped it," thought Marvin.

So Marvin walked up to the cheese and quickly grabbed it. Before Marvin knew what was happening he heard a loud SNAP! Poor Marvin's tail was caught under a metal bar and boy did it hurt.

Marvin didn't know what to do. All he could do was cry. He was scared and alone. Most of all, Marvin was in pain. At first he thought he could maybe wiggle his way out. That didn't work. Next he tried to pick up the bar. That didn't work. The he saw a human and knew it was the end.

The human picked up the trap with Marvin in it. "Poor little guy," the man said. He lifted up the bar and freed Marvin. Then he patted Marvin on the head and let him go.

Marvin couldn't believe it. He was free. He wasn't going to be fed to the CAT. He was so happy he walked playfully away. He would always remember the kind man that saved his life.

Most of all Marvin would remember to be a little less curious.

The End

©2004 Christy Ann Robinson

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