Lost Treasure of the Island

Aditya Dupare

John and his brother Steve were on a boat off the coast of Western Australia. They were about to go deep-sea diving. Their hearts beat faster as they dived into the indigo ocean. Their mouths nearly fell open at the mesmerizing sight below. Dozens of fish swam everywhere. Queer plants were situated on equally peculiar rocks. The two boys explored the ocean feeling exceedingly thrilled. They found an underwater cave. Feeling inquisitive, they decided to enter it. All of a sudden, there was a glistening flash of light. The next moment, they were sprawled on their backs. They seemed to have reached a cove. ”Where are we?” asked John. ”No idea,” Steve replied.

They removed their diving gear and set off in search of a cave. When they had found a suitable cave, they entered it. They were bewildered to stumble upon an aged man wearing scruffy clothes. The bedraggled man gave a crooked grin. ”Who are you?” questioned John skeptically. “I am the spirit of an ancient pirate,” responded the man. “Don’t be frightened. I just wanted to inform you about the treasure.” ”Treasure!” the boys cried in unison. Their eyes lit up with enthusiasm. “Tell us about it!” they demanded. ”All right,” the spirit began. ”When I was a juvenile buccaneer, I raided a Portuguese ship on its way to Brazil. My mates and I collected the loot. But on our way to the Indian Ocean, tragedy struck. Our ship caught fire. I dived into the sea, taking the treasure chest with me. I reached this island through a cave. I have lived here till my demise. Then I
turned into a soul. But a dragon stole my treasure. I can’t retrieve it because dragons’ fire can disintegrate souls. Will you get the treasure for me? I’ll only take a particular gemstone which brings me back to life.” The boys reluctantly agreed. ”What’s your name, by the way?” ”Teach. The name’s Edward Teach," was the reply. He handed the boys a special sword, which could kill the dragon, along with a special potion to blind the dragon.

The boys headed towards the deeper part of the cave and immediately spied the fearsome dragon. It was a hirsute and savage beast, which was resting peacefully. Its tail was coiled around the chest. Steve crept towards it. John unsheathed sword. Alas, the dragon woke up. It lashed out at Steve but missed. John attacked it with his sword but it was unaffected. Steve had an idea. He brought out his water bottle and used the water to assault the dragon. Then John stabbed it with the sword. But nothing happened. Steve decided to use the potion and threw it at the dragon’s eye. Then John stabbed the dragon in his other eye. This made the dragon blind. John stabbed him in the heart. This time the dragon was dead.

The boys grabbed the chest and dashed back. They heard Edward talking to himself,” The great Blackbeard will come to life!” So, they were traumatized to learn that Edward Teach was actually an alias of none other than Blackbeard himself, the greatest pirate who ever sailed the seven seas! Blackbeard spotted them. He grabbed the chest, opened it with a skeleton key and took the gemstone. In a moment he transformed from a pale soul into a terrifying pirate.

He tried to attack John with a blade. But he dodged. With quick reflexes, Steve kicked him, snatched the chest and rushed for the exit with his brother. Upon reaching outside, they blocked the exit with rocks. They reached the cove and wore their diving gear. They dived into the sea. Instantly, they were back on the boat. They triumphantly returned home with the chest. But the person who answered the door was neither of their parents. “Long time no see,” grinned Blackbeard.

He was back!

©2014 Aditya Dupare

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