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Henry the Unicorn - Bedtime Bedtime
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Henry the Unicorn

Once upon a time in the land of ‘There Wasn’t Any’
Lived a handsome young unicorn by the name of Henry.
Henry had one problem so forlorn,
On the top of his head was a wig not a horn.
“Oh me oh me oh my–I’m so forlorn,
On the top of my head is a wig not a horn.”
His friends laughed and made fun of him all the day long.
Sitting on a green box, Henry sang this song.
“Oh me oh my I’m so forlorn
On the top of my head is a wig not a horn.”
Madly in love with a unicorn named Sue,
Shaking his head sadly, saying, “What shall I do?”
One morning when Henry had got out of bed,
Under his wig was a lump on his head.
Each morning he looked, and it grew and it grew.
Off of his head fell his wig on his shoe.
Under his wig grew a shiny new horn.
Henry was smiling, no longer forlorn.
Out of the front door Henry he flew,
To show off his horn so shiny and new.
Now when it comes to the girls, Henry has more then plenty.
For Henry the unicorn, in the land of ‘There Wasn’t Any.’

© 2001 Alexandria Williams

Copyright 2019 LLC