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Melody Adalia Lebron, Author at Bedtime Bedtime

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There is a girl named Esperanza. She is 11 years old. Her best friend\\'s name is Alicia. Alicia is also 11 years old. They have known each other since Kindergarten. One time we were eating lunch at my house and we were eating mac-n-cheese and Alicia took her cup of water, drank a sip and then it spilled all over her. She started crying because the clothes she had on were new. But i told her that its just water and that it will dry. After a half-hour, her pants were still wet. So i asked my mom if she could dry Alicia\\'s pants in the drying machine. She said yes and so i gave Alicia a pair of pants and we watched a movie. It was funny at first and Alicia was mad at me because i was laughing but she got over it. We always have each others back. We cheer each other up. We cheerish every moment we have together. Readers, what i\\'m trying to tell you is that you have to cheerish the moments with someone you love because when there not by your side nomore then thats when you begin to relize how important that person was.

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