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Bella Cole, Author at Bedtime Bedtime

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Once upon a time, there was a girl named Elisea. Elisea just finished watching her favorit movie "Cindarella". When she had to go to bed for some reason she was frighten she did not know why. She told her parents and then they said "swettie whats wrong" then Elisea replyed "i don't know why i am scard to sleep". Her mom was curious.
The next day, she slept until 12:00 her mom was worried even more. When Elisea woke up she got some milk and told her mom her dream...she said "you, brother and, daddy were there. Brother got mad because he thought i took his game so when i was getting ready to go to sleep he scard me and i fainted". Her mom replyed" did this happen in real life then Elisea said "ya".

That night when they were having dinner her brother roled his eyes at her his mom saw and said "hey. No disrespecting at the table" they both replyed " sorry mother". Then, the mom had a very long talk with Elisea and then Elisea finally knew why her dream was like that all because the game of her brother and when he frightend her she fell and fainted. Her mom then grounded her brother and made him apologise for what he did.

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