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Aimee lister, Author at Bedtime Bedtime

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Once upon a time, a young girl named Debbie was reading her favourite book. It was an adventure story, she’d always wished she could be in one.
It was her nineth birthday that day, and they were just lighting the candles on her birthday cake, then debbies older sister, Abbie, put the cake onto a cake tray and brung it into the dining room for Debbie. Once Debbie had blown her candles, she made a wish. She wished that she could be one of her characters in her adventure book.
Later that evening, Debbie went up to her bed and got her book out to read. One minute, she was all cosy in her bed, the next minute, she was in the middle of a jungle! She had no idea where she was, she wasn’t far enough into the book yet. She climbed through the bushes a bit and found a nice river. It had the clearest water, and the most coulorful fish! She was splendid. She didn’t really want to go home. She’d always dreamed of going there, why go home now?
After she had been exploring for a little while she began to grow hungry and thirsty. She knew she could just grab a drink from the river, but she didn’t know where to get the food from. At this point she wanted to go home.
Suddenly, she realised it must have been when she made her birthday wish she ended up inside her book! She quickly thought that since it was her birthday wish to get inside her book, maybe she could wish to get outside of her book.
Once she had wished herself back out of her book, she thought she could visit her book every year on her birthday. She did, and she never missed a year, like she never missed a birthday. The End. By Aimee Lister

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