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A Christmas With Santa

Faith loves birthdays because they are so
special, and she is always hasty for a tasty cake.
Yum in the tum tum.

She also loves Thanksgiving, a day worth living.
It is fun and filled with a ton of Turkey and lots of tots.

And carving the big bird never gets boring, especially while you’re starving.
It’s fun to tackle the turkey, even if they cackle.

As they say, even the little bay loves Christmas.
Anyhow, somehow, Faith loves Christmas even more.

Not because there are toys everywhere, and she feels like a princess for a day, but oh boy it sure brings her lots of joy, and the best part…………Santa takes the time to leave her milk and cookies.

Wearing her favorite blouse, Christmas morning is especially delightful in Faith’s house, the floor is marked by Santa’s shiny boots from the night before.

Faith is really sure
He never spills the milk down the chimney, and never drops the cookies.
Each year, along with a ginger beer, Faith gets a half-glass of milk and four cookies.

Can you keep a secret in your back pocket?

It may be wrong, but Faith long for Santa to get stuck in the chimney.
Munching on her Bicotti,
With a big grin on her face, what a naughty girl.

But how else was she going to see him?
Santa always comes when she is sleeping, he probably spent a few hours peeping.

Faith waited up for Santa three years in a row. He never showed up; poor girl always fell asleep by the chimney.

One day, she found herself on an airplane. It landed on ice. It felt like the plane was skating on rice.

It was cold and dark, even though it was 3 in the evening.
Does this have any meaning?
Faith thought to herself,

Welcome to Alaska! It feels like Nebraska!

Faith had always heard about the North Pole, and had always wanted to visit.
After all, there are lots of deer there.

Did Santa actually live there, or was it an airy fairy tale?
Either way, like a fruit drink it was fun to think about.

One afternoon, Faith got dressed up, her shiny red and white Santa hat, matched perfectly with her elf boots.

Not far away, lived Santa and his friends.
Ms. Claus was often off sewing good seeds that led to good deeds, but one could always find Santa at his favorite place, the Santa Claus House in North Pole.

Watching the reindeer, Faith pondered, as she caught snowflakes on her tongue.

Just like a tv set,
I bet inside there are secrets and magic.

With glistening eyes, and a glowing smile, Faith walked up to Santa.
She stared at Santa.

How does he make it down the chimney?
He was a tot bit bigger than she imagined.
She said it!

It was a sweat treat, to give Santa a letter.
With his glasses down on his nose, he read in excitement.

Santa not only handed Faith her very own milk and cookies, but he added her to his Christmas “Good list.”

Everyone gathered around the Jolly old Saint Nicholas.
Two of his helpers came running in, wearing their pretty shoes.

And carrying Santa’s food trays, Faith could smell the fudge brownies coming.
She glared at the dollop of whipped cream on top.

How Cool.

But first, she had to help herself to some of Santa’s Christmas cookies.
What an awesome Christmas, everyone gathered ‘round the fireplace, roasting, marshmallows and toasting to a joyous season.

Faith ate her eighth marshmallow.
She had a grand old time.

The evening ended with a very merry Christmas, reindeers, Santa, and cookies.
Have a Merry, Berry, Holly, Jolly Christmas everyone.

By Rashida Costa

Copyright 2019 LLC